*spooky theremin music* Hey folks. Welcome to day two of contemporary-a-thon. Um it is like 11:30 in the morning, but I had some adulting to do which I still kind of have to do. I’m like definitely waiting for a phone call back, and I’m having the panics about it. Yeah, so last night stayed up a little bit read about 180 pages of Little and Lion so that is what I want to finish like this afternoon. Basically. Once I get this fucking phone call back I am going to like shower and wash my hair and like just get ready for a possible evening of fun. I don’t know how exciting today is going to be either to be totally honest. Right now though I am going to watch Chelsea’s video. I’m gonna eat something because I need to eat something. I’m gonna wait for the phone to fucking ring. I’m gonna respond to comments too. That’s what I’m gonna do. So I’m back it is now 1:51pm. A little later in the day then I want to like get started but I showered. I have yet to eat breakfast or lunch so I should probably do that but I am going to go check the mail and my hair is wet so it will likely freeze into icicles, so that’s fun. And I’m going to probably read for a little bit for the first time today. Uh try to finish Little and Lion, put some makeup on. Geoff and I have kind of a fun thing to do later. Basically for Christmas Geoff’s dad got me this like really nice necklace, but I can’t wear necklaces because it feels like I’m choking to death. So we’ve been in the process literally for like six weeks since Christmas umm with the jeweler to get a ring made like kind of like a exchange sort of deal. Um but for those of you who’ve never dealt with jewelers before they’re flaky as fucks so it’s been a process to try to get this fucking ring and so we managed to get it and so it’s kind of like a swapping …returning a Christmas gift to get a Valentine’s Day gift. Does that make any sense? So we’re hoping to actually go pick that up later today, and then there’s also like a difference – store credit. So your girl might just walk away with a bunch of jewelry today. I’m not a jewelry person. I have you know stupid stretched ears that I did when I was 14 and hate them but. Um, so I can’t really wear earrings. I can’t wear necklaces cuz it feels like I’m dying So I’m pretty much stuck to rings and then even then I only wear my wedding ring so ya girl doesn’t like the jewelry okay. Oh, and then bracelets like fucking irritate me when I go to type. *sighs* I’m complicated okay? So yeah, I’m a bit complicated when it comes to that stuff. But I’m hoping at the very least to go get my ring today, and then we might go get like a Valentine’s Day crepe together. Oh Cute. And then hopefully maybe actually read some books today. Alright. Let’s go check the mail. So yeah, it’s cold and my hair is freezing, so I’m gonna quickly go to the mailbox. And come back. Okay, some salt needs to actually go down here cuz this is like actually a death trap. Geoffrey! I have mail but not exciting mail. My hair is like kinda crunchy, but not totally icicles. So that’s good. Bulk Barn coupons might actually use those. Trash. Buying or selling a home, would you like this? fridge? notepad? Nope. IKEA. Would you like to switch cell phone providers? Nope. AND would you like this pack of coupons possibly? Oh boy home ownership is so exciting. You get nothing but like local coupons, and it’s like I live in a house. Why are you trying to get me to buy other houses? A thing of coupons. Thai Express Will use that. What else we got here? Would you like to buy a roof? Would you like your ducts cleaned? Would you like quality windows? Want new glasses? Would you like a large pepperoni pizza? Kind of. So out of that.. I will take the Thai Express coupon. I wiill look at IKEA and I will accept this Bulk Barn coupon, and the rest of this is going in the trashhhhhh. Alright, that’s a mail time with Natasha. Very exciting. Gonna grab a bowl cereal and actually read today. Yep. I put some makeup on. Finally. Hair still drying. You’ll see it takes about like seven hours for my hair to dry. But now I’m going to finally read a little bit. It’s like three o’clock in the afternoon haven’t read like at all today. Update you guys. I did get the phone call that I was anxiously waiting on and I now have a date and time to proceed with adulting. Um. So my anxiety can chill the fuck out until like next week which is great. I know it sounds bad, but I really don’t have like anything adult wise to do until next week after the read-a-thon. So I’m just gonna read my fucking ass off and stay up late and like shamelessly just like live my life. You know. I’m kind of happy about it. Gonna quickly read Little and Lion. I’m gonna try to finish it or read as many pages as possible in the next half hour or so. And then Geoff and I are going to go and get my ring situation taken care of. And then I’m gonna come back, and then I’m gonna sit in the bathtub and read my ass off all fucking night, so yeah, I don’t have a bra on but you know, this shirt has a bunch of different junk food on it, so it says like chocolate and.. I dunno what the fuck else it says. Chocolate. French fries. Hot dogs. Ice cream because you know? That’s my life. Also in this closet of secrets we have my bouquet. Which has been dried and hanging there. For like four months. I don’t know what the fuck to do with this like I want to get a terrarium and put it standing up Because it’s all tied together and everything still Like roses and whatnot but like I need to find a terrarium that’s that large. Like here’s my hand in from comparison. It’s really big, and I’ve been trying to find something to put it in But you know it might just stay in my closet forever need to file or like a big shadow box or something I don’t know I Don’t know We’re on a bump you into hood But ya got some makeup on parents join got chuffy with me He’s not feeling too great today, so we might cancel creeps, maybe maybe not I don’t know we’ll see but We were going to get my ring There’s day. I’m Joey changed gotta love readathons where the host don’t we just jealous. He’s kickin ask those Props to her reading I’ve been reading. Yeah, I have been aged like Two books in the last two days yeah yeah, little I just Yeah, I just feel like I haven’t read today Which is fine? I can probably pick it up tonight, but Yeah off to do only 3:30 about lots of time Yeah, it sure. Oh, I just got out of the Julie store, and we lucked out because they did actually like refund us So a Natasha has some extra book money, but this is the little ring that I got just a simple like rose gold Not ring, but it’s like a ring that I’ve wanted for I don’t know how many years Jeff like Five years yeah something like that Very very thin you couldn’t almost not feel it, but it just that’s the kind of ring that I like can almost not feel it The little ring that I want got some Return money, which we didn’t it’s a jewelry store so typically they don’t return stuff sometimes like we kind of like logged Oh, no. I have some like The owners yeah But it’s just like typically what yeah typically when you get Joey they like no refunds and kind of have to use store credit But I kind of lucked out this case so now I have Christmas money technically I guess which is nice So I’ll take it so I don’t I don’t know where we’re going I know what to do I’m so allergic to this and all I want to do is eat this mmm Candy wow you got the restaurant to herself So we’re scrapping are going for crepes, but we’re going for diner Well as we’ve had tapes at cafe crystal before But you confess to me that you have never been to rockin Johnny’s house in Tarakan Johnny’s we had to take you to one thing Johnny’s that was just Coming to like early dinner Get some dying or food some steak and eggs. Yep, yeah bacon eggs pancakes boy stuff looks great one of those days guys, so I’m back from eating food from a diner and getting my Little ring, and I just chucked some comments for the video, and if there’s one thing that you guys like in my videos It’s my pussy. Oh, I decided to show you guys more of my pussy Just give you a primo pussy action Maybe stroke my pussy a little bit Play with that? Jokes aside I am about to get in the bathtub again like live in my bathtub so I’ve read all of like 50 pages of Little in line. This is little nine and Yeah, so I want to finish that today, that’s my goal I want to finish this and then I want to read at least half of something else tonight Yeah, that’s what I want to do. I think I’m going to get the tub we’re gonna finish the online Then I want to read at least a couple of short stories of difficult women and then I think I’m going to Try to speed through if you dare because these ones went really quickly. This is the third book in the Deanna Madden Series, and so I know these characters I can likes I think quickly reads this So that’s my plane, so it is now. What did I say it was? Almost 7 o’clock. I’m gonna spend probably three hours until like 10:00 10:30 in the bathtub, and then I’m going to I’m gonna get out, and then we’re out of this vlog basically alright guys, so I’m going to end the vlog here It is I think like 11 o’clock, but Jeff needs to go to bed, so I’m going to go quietly edit this video I finished a little in line and it was amazing 5 to 5 can’t wait to actually talk about this a little bit more It was so so so good, and I actually liked it more than I thought I would so that’s awesome Then I started difficult woman. I just finished the first story and Gave it a 5 but it is very Hard to read, and I read the first one and just kind of needed to like take a break from that I think this is going to be like a reading bits and pieces throughout the week because the first story kind of like is A lot then I started if you dare more Deanna, Madden I am let me see if 72 pages into that right now, and that’s probably what I’m going to continue to read when I go to bed but yeah, that’s where I am for the finish this Started – but how today where I was like out of the house and did a bunch of adult stuff So I didn’t read the most, but I read some. I’m gonna go edit this vlog. Hopefully you guys have a good day To contemporary thought and I will see you guys tomorrow My E


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