Cheap Wedding Tips: How to Save on Wedding Expenses | Save Money Tricks |

Cheap Wedding Tips: How to Save on Wedding Expenses | Save Money Tricks |

how’s it going everybody it’s Devin
Howard so we’ve got the winter coming to an end which means spring is coming up
next and with spring comes weddings it is wedding season and I don’t know if
I’m really prepared for it but I know how you can be prepared for it if you’re
planning your own wedding so weddings can be incredibly expensive
right now the average American spends $25,000 on their wedding which is the
equivalent of what people are spending on their mortgage so I decided that I
should make a video to walk you through the steps on how you can save money
while also having a memorable romantic wedding so let’s get into it the first
step is to create and stick with a budget when you’re setting a budget it’s
important to look at the savings how much do you and your partner have
together what are any family members willing to contribute and also you want
to consider the monetary gifts that you might receive that could potentially
offset some of the cost so all of those are important factors in establishing
that budget the next thing that you want to do is create a spending limit so your
spending limit should really be looked at as a sort of guideline like your
ideal amount that you would like to spend the chances are you’ll probably go
over so it’s smart to create a 10 to 20 percent cushion so that if you do end up
having to go over due to some last-minute changes with your wedding
plan or any last-minute decorations that you want to get whatever can come up you
can account for that and not stress out about it an example of something that
might pop up last-minute maybe you’re planning your wedding for the summer but
you get an unexpected downpour you’ll definitely want to get a tent to help
keep your guests dry on your wedding day and that tent might not have been
something that you really accounted for it to begin with but you’ll need it now
next up you want to create a checklist and I recommend doing that by getting a
wedding organizer like a little planner a little agenda that can help you keep
everything written out and organized and easily accessible easy to find so you
want to create your checklist for everything that’s going to need to go
into your wedding so the dress the venue the decorations the
pieces the menu any waitstaff that you’re gonna have to hire to serve your
guests how much you want to spend on food and alcohol all of those things you
want to just have a list so you know exactly what you’re gonna be putting
money into and there are no surprises later next up you need to prioritize you
want to make sure that you’re putting the most money into the things that
matter the most to you and the least money into things that don’t matter as
much to you but of course you’re gonna have to work with your partner to
establish what those priorities are so if you if it’s really important for both
of you to have exceptional photos and video of your wedding you want a budget
to have a really great videographer but if having something that’s decorated
really beautifully in a really high-end venue is more important than maybe
you’ll spend less on that photographer and less on a videographer so it’s just
establishing how you want to divvy up that money and what things deserve the
most attention and what things deserve the least you should definitely have
this conversation right at the beginning of your wedding planning process so that
you both can go into it clear-headed knowing exactly what you want next up
you’re gonna want to trim the invitation list obviously a wedding with fewer
guests means you’ll spend less if you’re gonna have a 400 person weighing you’re
gonna spend a fortune because you have to feed 400 people get the waitstaff to
account for that many people find a venue that’s big enough to hold that
many people so all of that really adds up so if you’re really looking to cut
costs keep it a small affair with friends close friends and family only a
good way to do this is to create a max number of people that you’re willing to
invite and then hopefully you can kind of cut it down from there and really
figure out who exactly you would like to have at that wedding another way to save
money in your wedding planning process is to choose an offseason
a wedding date venues will typically charge less in colder months so fall and
winter so if you want to go to a really gorgeous venue but you want to save some
cash plan for a November wedding summer weddings are always going to be a lot
more expensive because that is high time to get married so try to do something
that’s a little bit outside of more time seasoned and you will actually
find that it’s less of a stress on your bank account another way to make sure
you’re not spending too much money on your wedding is to choose a
non-traditional venue what I mean by a non-traditional venue is something
that’s not a restaurant not a hotel not a winery those venues always are very
expensive because they’re in demand and that’s what everybody thinks of when
they think of a wedding if you go to non-traditional route like by getting
married in a park or maybe renting out an air B&B to find a place that’s really
beautiful you’ll be able to save on those venue costs and ultimately have a
really memorable event that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg by charging you per
hour per guest whatever it is that those mainstream venues typically charge
another big expense that couples often face for their wedding is the wedding
dress now dresses can be very expensive they can range from $1,000 to $25,000
and that’s a lot of money to spend on one thing that you’re gonna wear only
once so a way to offset that cost is to rent your wedding dress this is an
incredible way to get a beautiful designer gown for a fraction of the cost
so websites like rent the rent the runway allow you to rent wedding dresses
that are made by some of the top designers in the world but you only are
renting it for the day so you’re not gonna have to spend $10,000 to actually
buy it out it might be $200 or $300 which will be a huge savings on your
wedding day budget and you’ll be able to wear something that’s super beautiful
and won’t take up space in your closet for years to come another major expense
that you’ll see when you’re planning your wedding is food and drinks so food
and drinks can get very expensive especially if you have a lot of guests
so you want to look for a catering service that’s going to be affordable
but still obviously delicious so you don’t necessarily need to have the
fanciest most high-end upscale looking food because that’s not always going to
taste good especially when they’re having to prepare it for a large number
of people the face style weddings are often going to be a lot cheaper than a
full-service wedding so that’s a a way to cut down on the cost of food
you can also do a non-traditional menu something that maybe honors your
heritage if you’re from the south you can go for like fried chicken or mac and
cheese things that are not so expensive to prepare but that will be meaningful
to you and your family maybe you can have a Chinese or a Thai buffet that
would be really interesting and also a cool way to showcase some of the food
from different cultures maybe if you are Asian if you are tired Chinese then it
might be a great way to you know show that off so that’s a cool way to save
some money and have a memorable meal at your wedding if you have friends or
family who are great cooks you guys can also plan on catering the wedding
yourself it sounds like a lot of work but it could end up being cheaper in the
long run you just want to be able to put the time into that to make sure that you
can prepare that much food for that many people
another really expensive thing that you might be spending money on on your
wedding day is alcohol a survey actually showed that most people can’t tell the
difference between a $5 and $50 bottle of wine so instead of getting the most
expensive bottle you can find just to impress your guests get something that’s
kind of middle-of-the-road and you’ll save that money and people
will still enjoy it because who can turn down a glass of wine next up let’s talk
about decorations and wedding favors sometimes a wedding planner will try to
dictate what you should give away as a wedding favor but really you should just
do whatever speaks to you you can check out different web sites that offer cheap
wedding favors and that way you’re giving away something that your guests
will like but that won’t cost you a ton of money as for decorations instead of
going out and buying or renting some really fabulous wedding decorations you
can make your own a lot of people are doing DIY weddings and they’re really
crafty really unique and so cool and there’s that personal touch to it that
you really you don’t have an opportunity to do that that often so I think a DIY
wedding is actually a really great idea Pinterest has a ton of ideas for things
that you can make for your own wedding like paper mache decorations and
handmade a faux flowered decorations so something
to definitely look into remember that your wedding is all about you so don’t
do anything just because your best friend did it or just because your mom
wants to see it do it for yourself do what you like do what your partner likes
and just create the event that really embodies who you are and don’t break the
bank while you’re doing it if so one once-in-a-lifetime event but it doesn’t
have to cost you money that you’re going to be paying off forever
I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful if you’d like to learn how
you can save money in other ways check out our website WWF money tricks calm
and I’ll see you next time bye guys


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