BEST Southern Style Oven Baked BBQ Ribs – Soul Food Recipes – I Heart Recipes

BEST Southern Style Oven Baked BBQ Ribs - Soul Food Recipes - I Heart Recipes

hey y'all it's rosie from i heart recipes calm and i'm going to show you how to make the best oven baked barbecue ribs like these are not a joke and y'all gonna need this during spring summer or any time of the year we're going to start off with our ribs i have some pork ribs here they are st. louis-style ribs if you want to use beef ribs you certainly can we're going to pierce our ribs using a fork and that's going to help all the seasonings and everything just penetrate while it bakes and now we are going to drizzle on some oil now I'm using corn oil if you want to use canola or if you have a different preference of vegetable oil you can use that we're now going to brush the oil on and fYI I am removing the membrane now some people like to keep the membrane on I'm going to take it off but again if you want to leave it on you can I prefer it off we're now going to start seasoning the ribs and one of the first seasons that we are going to use will be some kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper once the peppers on there we're going to start adding a combination of onion and garlic powder that is not flour it's a hint in garlic powder and I'm also going to add some dried mustard okay now I'm going to add a nice amount of paprika now I'm using smoked paprika because I want the smoky flavor but if you have sweet or regular paprika that will work fine as well now it's time to sweeten it up a bit so we're going to add some brown sugar you can use light or dark brown sugar whatever you have on hand and then we're going to start adding some apple cider vinegar I swear everything's gonna come together all these ingredients look funny but nothing is funny about this recipe baby trust me add some Hickory liquid smoke and then we're going to start brushing everything on now if you don't mind getting your hands dirty I just have my nails done so I'm not gonna get them dirty but if you don't mind getting dirty you can certainly just rub everything using your fingertips and now we are going to sprinkle on some parsley flakes as well as some red pepper flakes I like it sweet smoky and spicy but if you don't leave those pepper flakes out okay now we're going to pop this in the oven but first look at the color y'all this is without adding the barbecue sauce okay we haven't even added the sauce and this is just the rub I mean come on y'all gotta try this so have your oven preheated on 375 Fahrenheit we're going to cover the stuff with foil now we're going to place it in the oven and let it bake for about an hour and 20 minutes yes a whole hour and 20 minutes now this is what it looks like once it is it's not done but this wouldn't look like once it comes out the oven the rub has nicely penetrated throughout the ribs now we are going to get nice and saucy with it and start adding your favorite barbecue sauce you can add as much or as little I used to not like a whole lot of soften now I like a ton so I'm going to add a ton of sauce on there and then I'm going to place this back in the oven this time on broil and I'm going to let it cook or chasse broiled we're about I say 5 minutes or until I achieve the color that I'm looking for and this is it y'all seriously these ribs are not to be joked or played around with they are so good they make you want to pinch somebody not slap somebody because I'm a pincher I'm gonna pinch the heck out of somebody I swear this it's just that good so now we are going to just cut on in these babies are nice and tender because we cook them for quite some time and yeah like seriously all you need is some potato salad greens and cornbread and you boo are good to go so now I have a little announcement I am going back to my original schedule which is 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time instead of 1 p.m. I know a lot of y'all work you have kids and all that other stuff so I want to make sure you can get all of the important stuff out of the way and then come check out my recipes ok so every Sunday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time I will have a new recipe for you thanks for watching and head over to I heart recipes calm to print out this recipe


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