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(upbeat music) – [Carisha] We’ve all imagined it. If you could build your dream house, what would that look like? A space that inspires you, calms you, and ultimately helps
you live your best life? We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – He wanted to create an area of serenity. – [Carisha] Each design
team will take a room from studs to the finishing touches. – And we want to create a space that’s unique, inviting and a ton of fun. – [Carisha] Showing you
how to make every corner of your space work harder, better, and more beautifully than
you ever thought it could. – Make a statement. – I’m Carisha Swanson
from House Beautiful, and we are building
the dream in Nashville. Today’s designer is Barclay Butera. He has appeared in NBC’s Today show, Extra, CBS, ABC, Fox, HGTV, and is renowned for his
approachable elegance and glamorous coastal-chic interiors. Barclay will be taking
over the outdoor space. His mission is to create a space that feels like an
extension of the whole home and provides even more room for lounging or entertaining. Barclay has been so busy
with his other businesses that he was booked solid for install, so we flew from Nashville to his showroom in
Newport Beach, California to go over his plans
for this outdoor room. Barclay, thank you so much
for having us here today. I have to say, your showroom is beautiful. And I know, because you’re so busy, you haven’t even got a chance to get down to Nashville yet. – I know, and I want to
go to Nashville period. – So your team has brought you
kind of all the schematics. What is your jumping off point when you’re starting a project like this? – Well, you know, I think
it’s really important that you look at flow. So we’re going from the
entry into the living room, and then into what I call the fifth room, or the covered porch. So it’s, you know, the
connective kind of congruent to these rooms is super important that you create a
lifestyle that is beautiful when you walk into the space. – Yeah. – [Barclay] You know, even on a rainy day, it’s a covered porch, you can enjoy this indoor/outdoor living. – [Carisha] I love
that, especially because you already see a fireplace
here, so it feels cozy. I mean, I actually wanna be
out there on a rainy day. – Yeah, yeah. – So, you know, one of the big things when anybody’s picking or thinking about an out there outdoor space
is the furniture selection. Which one have you chosen for this? – I’ve chosen the design
Savannah from Castelle, who’s my license. – [Carisha] Okay. – We did it in some really fun colors, in a coral, and a white, and a baby blue. – [Carisha] So wait, you
mixed up the finishes? – [Barclay] Totally mixed up the finishes. – [Carisha] Very nice. – You know, I license with a company called Napa Home and Garden, and they do my silks, and my ceramics, and my ginger jars, and garden stools. – Are you talking about fabric silks? (both laugh) – I’m talking about floral silks. – Oh, okay. – The thing that has become
so good and so real looking. – Yes. – So I’m blending those
items into this room to make it really, really fun and cozy. – Nice. – You know, and then we’re gonna go and visit Roger’s Gardens
later, which is beautiful, and then you’ll see how
many use real plants indoors to cross merchandise what’s going on with florals and greenery. – Were going to meet Barclay at one of his favorite locations, Roger’s Gardens in Corona Del Mar. They’re known for their
extensive selection of home decor, gifts, and of course, everything from the garden from plants to elaborate fountains. – Isn’t this great? I love this orchid room. I think it’s so wonderful
to come into this space and feel how fresh white orchids are. I use indoor plants, obviously, because they’re gonna last a lot longer, and they add to the air quality. You know, so if you think
about how you breathe and how you absorb you know your life, and the habits that you have in your home, I think it balances your life out. – [Carisha] And I love that, because then you can kind
of extend whatever you love that you already have in your
home to this outdoor space. – Yeah, so, and the
other thing that’s great is that because we walk and
step down into the outdoors, and there’s a dining area out there, so they’re all have like
triple Wax Leaf Privets and a little bit more groomed
outdoor, you know, topiaries. So, and that will be refreshing coming from the indoor space
into the outdoor space. Because I added so much
color to this area, that I think it’s gonna be such a surprise when you walk in. I like to create spaces that surprise you. – Yeah. (upbeat music) You brought me to another
gorgeous place at Roger’s Gardens, now we’re with hydrangeas. This is amazing. What’s great about the hydrangeas is that it’s such a pretty texture. You know, it has that depth, and it adds a lot of life to a room. And the reason why I
wanted to show you this is that you know I’m
doing something different, and that is I’m mixing
artificial with real. We like to live easier these days, but plants are so good looking now that I can bring artificial hydrangea in that you don’t have to maintain, that adds a lot of life to a space, and is very practical and living. So I kill plants like crazy, so this is a nice solution for me. (upbeat music) You know, I’m known for blue and white. So quintessentially, I
gotta have blue and white in my space, so these ginger jars here are a good representation of how I’m gonna add blue
and white to the space. – [Carisha] Right. – It’s really like beautiful intricate, you know like, all hand painted, and I love the glaze to them. So it’s just another element you can add to accessorizing, you
know, indoor/outdoors, because these could actually go outdoors. – [Carisha] Now we’re heading
to the Kravet show room, they have a great selection of colorful indoor/outdoor fabrics perfect for low maintenance living. – Here we are at the private
showroom in Laguna Niguel. And what I love about it is, that there’s tons of
inspiration for the outdoors. Their outdoor collection
is really whimsical and here’s my quintessential
blue and white. I really had a lot of fun with it. So, you know, this I did
in a slightly dark blue. The linear stripe is pillow accents, so it’s really a play
on texture and color. – I love that because it’s so layered. It feels like you’re still
inside your home, right? – Exactly, and then as a surprise, I did outdoors in tangerine and coral. – [Carisha] Oh, nice. – Yeah, is this fun, very playful? I think it’ll be a good
juxtaposition to the interior. And then the frame colors,
you know, being baby blue, and white, and a coral color. I think they’re gonna really play off of what I’ve done in textiles. – [Carisha] Completely, I love that mix. – Thank you.
– Okay, so have you made your final selects? – [Barclay] I have. – Okay let’s go check that out. – Absolutely. You know, as I talked
about the juxtaposition of what I did in textiles, this is really a good
representation all in one format. So, you know, using this
abstract on the sofas as the main seating is really kind of fun, because people get caught up in doing solids on their large pieces and then having fun with their pillows, I kind of did it all. And I love to layer, so
it’s really, really fun. What I did, you know, I used this great, great
circular pattern and ticking with this outdoor trim, which is a trend.
– I love that. – [Barclay] You know what? What’s happening is that people are using outdoor fabrics indoors for the durability, and so on. So here’s a good representation of fashion that goes outside and inside. – [Carisha] Right, exactly. – And then here’s my
whimsical coral and tangerine, so you can see outdoors, it’s gonna be a really
fun play on color also. – I love that, because
it really feels like it’s summer in your backyard all the time. Yeah, I love it.
– Who doesn’t want that? – [Barclay] We’re happy, right? – Yeah, exactly, it’s a happy palette. Fantastic, I can’t wait to
see this all come together. – Thank you. Back in Nashville, Barclay’s team begins to bring his vision to life. – Hi, I’m Stephen, and I am here installing
outdoor furniture. Over here, our dining table’s all set up, and we got some Kravet fabrics on here, and these are all custom made. Usually when I look at a space
and I look at accessories, I see negative space. So I start with the negative space, and I see what is it that I need there. I like to play with texture and color, so nothing gets too saturated. As you see here, we did a little vignette, so we got a little bit of
texture on these topiaries and then we have the China,
which is a little more polished, and that kind of ties in with
what we got going on here. You obviously wanna
break it up a little bit, Sometimes we will do like stripes, and we’ll do a solid when
it comes to like pillows for seating area. Same with our coffee table here, we like different texture, that’s why we have this raffia tray in it and we have a floral. – You know, I chose a lot
of fabrics for the space, because I wanted it to be whimsical, wanted it to be better than
that fifth room in the house. I wanted it to be the
primary room in the house, so you can come out here and
lounge, and feel comfortable, and it doesn’t have to
be one way or the other. It can be tangerine, it can be blue, and you can feel comfortable
in your own space. – We wanted to bring some lighting in here and we did this beautiful lanterns. And they’re all battery operated, so you don’t have to
worry about lighting them, or fires or anything. We also have this very
neutral rug out here that kind of ties everything
in, so it’s not overwhelming. – It’s hard to find rugs that
really fit an outdoor space that’s as large as this one. So, you know, everyone
was saying, oh my gosh, is the neutral gonna get dirty? But it truly is an outdoor rug, so you can use it outdoors and sweep it off or hose it off. The great thing about this is these are all outdoor textiles. You can feel comfortable that they’re in this indoor/outdoor space and not worry about dirt
because they’re cleanable. (upbeat music) – Today we’re installing
our topiaries out here. We had this sent from California, these white planters go
really nice with our furniture and then what we do is we ordered these beautiful boxwood topiary’s from a local nursery, propped
it up on top of the paper. You wanna balance it to make sure that stands straight up, or like that, and then you start filling
in with the green moss. So this is great for
indoor and outdoor plants, ’cause like I said, it’ll give
you that nice finish to it, also helps retain some
moisture into the soil. So if you’re prone to not
water the plants enough this will help a little bit, you just clean it up a little bit. (Steve blows) And we got our finished product. – [Barclay] You know what’s
nice about how I did this space, is I mixed a lot of silk
plants with real plants. So you can feel like there are some maintenance
free aspects to the space, and then there’s real greenery
that kind of adds that life. (upbeat music) So we got our outdoor table set up here, and we went out and got
some really fun dishes to go with our bright colors out here, kind of tie in with our Kravets, and this really fun Paisley napkins. – What I love about this space is the layering, the
accessories, the color, the pattern on pattern, the umbrella. You have a lot of different things that are going on in this
space that are unexpected and really, really playful. – And finally, Barclay and I make it back to the home for finishing touches. And of course, the big reveal. Okay so seriously. (upbeat music) – [Barclay] It’s all about color. – [Carisha] Yes. – [Barclay] It’s all
about color and you know, you see the robin’s egg
blue with the coral, with the white, and the
blending of all the textiles. I think it’s an incredible space. – I love what you did here, because one of the things we talked about was like not being so
cookie cutter, right, like not just buying the set. So this is where you subtly mix
in these different finishes. – Yes, what’s great
about this outdoor line is it’s working with these
different opportunities to have all these great
colors come out of the house, and you see this. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I think it’s a really,
really good representation of how I mix and layer and, you know, really it’s about color. This space is about color. – So, you know, one of the things that you really wanted in
this space was a dining area. Originally it was just gonna be this covered porch
area, this living space. Are you happy that you ended up with this? – [Barclay] I am, I think
it’s a good representation of how I live in California, and it’s an extension of me. – It really feels like
it’s connected to the home. You’re off of these major rooms, the living room, the breakfast area, the mud room where everybody comes in. It feels like a space
that draws you into it. – [Barclay] Exactly. – One of your big things
is truly accessorizing the outdoors the same
way you do the indoors. And people consider this like
the fifth room of the house, but for you it’s bigger than that. – Exactly, I think that the fifth room is kinda a weird saying, because it could be the
first room of the house. You can come in from the mud room and go directly to this outdoor space. You know, people actually
enjoy being outside. In the covered porch,
you could sit out here with the fireplace and the
TV, you know, all year round. – No, it’s true though. What you were saying
about really being able to enjoy it all year round,
feels very appropriate for the space ’cause
you have the fireplace, you can kind of snuggle up, or you can enjoy this al
fresco dining all year round. – So, I think you come out here and you feel happy with the space. You feel comfortable,
and you feel playful. (upbeat music) – You know, the challenging
thing about this space is quite frankly that it didn’t exist. This is an outdoor room, and there was a lot of acreage here, but at the end of the day it’s what you decided to do with it. What Barclay’s done here, is take what was
essentially a blank canvas and create two spaces that
work so well together. An additional living room, so you’ve got your indoor living room that flows into your outdoor living room and a dining area with an outdoor kitchen. – You know, when I
create an outdoor space, I’m all about comfort. I want you to enjoy the space. I want it to be inviting. I want it to be non-fussy. You know, it’s all about
color in this situation and, you know, surprise. And because you have
so many different areas that are entering this outdoor space, you know, it’s all about symmetry and making it so it’s a nice floorplan. – I mean really, it is
an extension of the home and all of the best ways,
another place for entertaining another place for relaxing,
another place for dining, and it really means that you
can be outdoors all year round. – You know, when I
create an outdoor space, I’m all about comfort. I want you to enjoy the space. I want it to be inviting, and
that’s what this is all about. – So anytime we can take
a moment and be outdoors and really enjoy it, is the
best thing that we can do for ourselves, both
mentally and physically. So I’m gonna relax a little bit out here, take a deep breath, and say goodbye. (upbeat music)

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