well it is now the afternoon I've got my area here where my junk pile was I got it all squared away I just got some ah Daniel rocks and broken piece of cinder block I got to do something with have a lot of rock around here I need to do something with I'm just kind of curious more storms what I'm gonna do there's rocks all over the place yeah they got that big rock all these rocks got rocks here rocks here big rocks that big rock get all that pile of rock it's all sandstone here yeah man what I wouldn't give for a tractor with a bucket and a claw is Friday morning about 10:30 and look what is here the 4runner the guy and his girlfriend just left with the forward let me back up so there we go I think it will do a lot better than the forward wheel even though it's yeah it's kind of rough but you know they did use as an off-road toy everyday driver in a big deal typical Toyota eight pillars yellow rock dirty it's got fur it is an sr5 original seats custom con so I'm digging it fancy BM shifter crack – silicone sunroof can't beat it it's got a three inch lift in that Ken wood box for the font you can see full of mud got the roll bar in it it might take the light bar out I think it's okay see ya just no 4runner it's got a real nice research on it I'll shut up led just have the tags renewed on it we took it on for drive about 45 minutes it drives a whole lot better than it looks shifts good brakes need to be bled they're a little weak but yeah it's a truck tires don't have bad on it you see links it's nothing special but it is for drive and a full the drive looks and it will get me out of my driveway I think I might keep this thing for a little while I don't know I can tell they are getting a little attached to it I'm kind of pumped about working on it you don't ever know somebody are for me enough money I might let her go and all these things are getting hard to find and people are kind of looking for him while the off-road guys really enjoyed the full runners so it's a super clean engine compartment this is the three vze its recent three liter motor pretty cool pretty cool and party dirty it's got a power string leaking right there there I was pretty good Oh what I'm doing here is I'm getting ready to make some sun shades out of this I'm just gonna call it reflect Exige know it's not a bubble wrap or whatever I'm gonna cut a few little pieces that way I can put in front of the windows and get rid I'm just gonna cut them to really fit anyway when it gets real hot I can either I can roll them down or whatnot and roll them up when I wanna let the Sun in so that's what I'm doing right now so I got one piece cut out pretty simple no big deal I can already tell how much better that's gonna be than those curtains and what I'm gonna do I don't think I have any type of cloth a strap or anything like that I'm just gonna make some kind of strap that way I want to roll these up I can just strap them up so here's my other piece I'm gonna go ahead and set it up here see how that works improvised sunshades pretty cool I don't know if I'm gonna make one for the middle I'll wait to a hot day see how it does if you get a little too hot I'll make one so yeah I'm probably gonna make a small one put on this side window I think it would work out very well so to the next project


  • Ant Squirly says:

    Take those rocks and use them to line the inside curve of the driveway. I would also line the edge with flower bed edging material. Reason why; your property is a downward slope. When it rains you have nothing but wash out. This way, the water would flow through the gravel drive to the street. Just a thought.

  • dcricket1 says:

    Line the driveway with them.

  • Nancy Harvey says:

    Make you a fire pit or make a harth when you remodel.

  • abedabun dawn says:

    Those rocks may be helping to prevent your yard from washing into the street lol.

  • Sherry Osinga says:

    Love the bird/woods sounds. Hmmmmm.

  • Lea Barto says:

    Love the scenery and sounds. It's just like my place here in Tennessee plus a creek running through the front of the property. Take care and I hope you're doing good.

  • Heather Parker says:

    Well my vote is rocks make a great fire pit. Custom console is awesome.

  • Shin Kicker says:

    Love the 4 Runner! Many blessings

  • DLR Young says:

    Pile the rocks up until you get everything done, then you can use them to lay out garden beds going around the edges of the gardens. A helpful tip… when raking up leaves rake them onto an old bed sheet then you can drag them to the burn pile. Saves bending over fifty million times! You would be surprised how easy it is! Good luck with the truck.

  • Christine LaBrie says:

    Candy has the right idea, flower bed, retaining wall, fire pit.

  • Demented Guy says:

    You have to many rocks, or like me, no rocks at all.

  • Denise MacDonald says:

    Yay the 4Runner my fav 🥰🥰🥰

  • Simply Sara says:

    Personally I’d get rid of most of them. Rock beds attract snakes out the ass.
    But you’re pretty creative so I’m sure you’ll figure out something.

  • Elizabeth Chetwood says:

    So when are they supposed to come get your white truck?

  • Ashurii says:

    Were raking raking raking, leaves are moving moving moving, move em on out, rawhide wapish! HAHA – NICE dude! I was so hoping you would get that truck! She maybe dirty, but she's not bad! Don't worry about a little bit of surface rust, run a wire brush on an angle grinder over it, then hit it with some paint, problem solved. I would put some extra knobby tires on her for better traction though, but I am so glad that you got the 4-wheel drive!

    Oh yeah, custom console, and shifter, I like! I can't wait to see a driving video from you on that truck, real sweet! You can tell how much I like it judging by how many exclamation points went into this comment HAHA. Yep, the reflective material will be superior to those worn out 70's curtains lol. Yes, we do really love the sound of your woods, very soothing.

  • Kelli King says:

    I’d put the rocks around where you park your vehicle.

  • Lee Bailor says:

    Like the toyota, though im a jeep owner myself.

  • LindaLee EVPeace says:

    Love the wood sounds!!!!!👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I like the idea you came up with for the shades too! I'll try that

  • LindaLee EVPeace says:

    I sure wouldn't mind owning it! Cool

  • Daisy Thomas says:

    I will buy that Yoder from ya. I have a Toyota Sequioa a Toyota Celica and a Toyota Corolla. Never did me wrong! I'm a Yoder girl lol nice job on the lawn!

  • Yengad Nergreb says:

    Use the rocks to line the edges of your driveway.

  • Marga Danks says:

    Why don’t u just rent a back hoe, to get all those rocks gone, but I would use all those rocks to build ur walls u need to do those levels u want in the front yard!

  • Marga Danks says:

    Hey I just came across a excellent company to repair ur whole roof he is from North Carolina, his company is called Drew’s roofing &home repair, he has some videos too u can watch step by step, in fact I will be contacting him myself. Good luck! 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Tommy says:

    Good music👍😀

  • Tommy says:

    Love your videos bro , looking good there….can't wait to see the deck

  • themanonthestreet says:

    Thought you told the bank to get bent and handed them the dodge??

  • Candy Bartram says:

    I would use those rocks to build some flower beds. Or a retaining wall somewhere if u need it. So many possibilities.

  • William Gallaher says:

    Great video.
    You are making a dream.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Darby Bronn says:

    There's just somethin about 4runners Marty, now I might have to find me another one. Love the creature sounds they're a nice touch and made that ending peaceful and relaxing.

  • Walt Strait says:

    Pet collars work great for that!

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