Give Your Home Some Curb Appeal

It is easy, when you are decorating and landscaping, to forget about your front yard. The front of your house, however, should not be neglected. The front of your home is the first thing people see when they come over or pass, and should give a wonderful first impression. If you have a dull front yard, there are many ways in which you can spice it up.

Walkways and Steps Many homes have walkways and steps that lead from the driveway to the front entrance. These walkways and steps are usually done in concrete or slabs which are plain grayish white. Up the glamour of your walkway by: Redoing it in stamped concrete. Stamped concrete has texture and color added and can be made to look like stone or granite.

Curb Appeal
Depending on the colors that are chosen, this can seriously boost the look of your front yard. There are also finishes that can be added to achieve a wet look. Creating a walkway from flagstone. Flagstone has rough shapes and every stone is different. Small gaps are left between the stones that are great places for ground covers and moss.

This will add a rustic and cottage style feel.Mailboxes Mailboxes can be purchased, or easily made. This makes them an easy way to dress up the front of your home. Mailboxes can be free standing, such as the antique looking cast iron versions, or they may attach to the wall of your home. If you already have a mailbox, you may want to consider adding some paint to give it new life.

Flower Beds Flower beds are nice to look at and lend themselves well to any shape that fits your space. You will want to choose plants that draw the eye and add interest. Also pay attention to the amount of sun that the bed gets in order to avoid picking the wrong plants. Some great plant choices are: Roses Lilacs Spirea Tropical banana plants Oriental lilies Poppies Bleeding hearts these are just a few great options for plants that have impact.

On your search you will find many more types that may make desirable additions. Further dress up the garden by adding in lawn ornaments or a small water feature. You may also want to consider a type of edging or small fence to keep people from stepping in the bed. Other Items of Interest The market is flooded, especially in the spring and summer, with décor items for the exterior of your home.

An item like a wooden sign could be acquired in order to display your family name. This is a very popular option and looks really nice too! There are also many options for artistic wind chimes, unconventional bird feeders, and items on spikes that can be stuck into the ground. The key to having a great front yard is to plan it out and know the look you are going for.

This will make it easier when you are out shopping for items to make the space a little less plain. You may also want to keep in mind that there are many do-it-yourself tutorials and ideas on the internet. By making a decoration yourself, you are able to personalize it and really create a one of a kind piece. With a prettier front yard your home will look more inviting, and who knows, you may never want to leave the front yard again.

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