Add Value To Your Home – Convert Your Loft!

Transforming the unused space in the attic into a loft can increase a home’s value in more ways than one. It’s pretty obvious that having more floor space will add to the resale price of a house. What’s not as obvious is that it can provide extra income by way of renting it. There’s also the overlooked possibility of using the loft for work-related purposes. Having an at-home office eliminates the need for renting space elsewhere. It also allows more work to get done, thus increasing income.

On the other hand, a loft is always going to be cheaper than alternatives like relocating to another house or putting an addition on the home. The Advantages Compared to either moving or building outward, loft conversions can be more affordable. First of all, there’s no guarantee that the price of your current home will exceed the cost of the potential new one.

Convert Your Loft!

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This is particularly true if you’re planning on a bigger home. A loft also is less at the mercy of fluctuating real estate prices. If you want to stay put and expand your existing abode, altering the attic makes far more sense than pushing out the walls. Depending on how extensive the loft conversion is, you might avoid the cost of a permit.

A permit is always needed for any alterations in a house’s exterior. This would include the construction of a dormer window. A simple ceiling light, though, is usually exempted. Because the loft is located above existing living space, it will usually require no extra heating ductwork.

The Basics There are some basic measures that nearly all loft conversions are going to require.*Floor Plan*Electricity*Exterior Lighting*Entrance Making Plans While the actual work of constructing a loft is usually done by a professional contractor, the basic design is the job of the homeowner.

This mainly consists of deciding what the loft is to be used for. The important rule here is that the plans only contain what’s needed for a particular function without additional expensive features. The primary situation in which plumbing should be included is if the loft is for rental purposes. Electricity, though, is just about always a must-have feature.

This is true for rentals, office space, or an additional bedroom. Daylight and Accessor most purposes other than renting, a skylight is probably all that’s needed for daylight. This approach avoids the troubles of getting and paying for a permit for exterior building changes. The last big decision for any loft is how to access it.

This is unavoidable for the interior entrance. If the loft is for rental purposes, there might be the need for an exterior entrance, too. As far as the primary access goes, the four main methods are a fixed ladder, folding ladder, spiral staircase, and straight stairway. Of these choices, a fixed ladder is the lowest-priced alternative. Of course, it’s also going to be unappealing for a rented room or if a prospective future buyer is elderly. The main factor in choosing which one to use is how much space is available near the entrance point.

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